FastMac - Performance Upgrades

Don't Drive Yourself Crazy. Get the Latest and Fastest Optical Drive Today. Up to 18x DVD±RW, 1x BD-RW, Up to 50 GB of Storage on 1 Dual-Layer Disc, Compatible with all CD and DVD Media, Bootable, OS X Native, Plug & Play Drive

For The World Well Traveled

FastMac's TruePower AC & DC Adapters are built for the road and world well travelled. So, it's tough. With solid connections. Sturdy cords and housing, Built-in Surge & Heat Protection, Up to 12-foot of extension and 1-Year Warranty. It's everything you need to power up wherever and whenever you want. Get one for your office, your home, car or plane. Get one for your laptop bag. Pretty? No. Rugged, able to survive any environment? Absolutely.


  • TruePower AC/DC Adapter fits all iBooks & PowerBooks
  • 65 Watts, Dual voltage (100-240 volts) also for Both Auto (Em Power) & Air (20mm) sockets.
  • Built-in Surge & Heat Protection
  • 5 to 10-foot Reach
  • Compact Design, Extremely Portable
  • LED Indicator
  • 1 Year Warranty

TruePower Technology

  • What is TruePower? Click here