FastMac - Performance Upgrades

TruePower Batteries Help Your iPod Go the Extra Mile. More than 2x the Capacity, Patented Technology Prolongs Battery Life, Exclusive 2 Year Warranty, Instructions and Videos Included. Starting at $19.95

Play Longer

This upgrade offers 20 - 78% more capacity than the original OEM battery and up to 7.5 times as many charge cycles. This is accomplished through the use of a patented nano-particle technology called TruePower, which significantly slows the degradation of the power cells inside the battery.

A Warranty That Matters

Each battery upgrade from Fastmac carries a 1-year warranty & includes all necessary installation tools (non-scratch) and instructions. 24-hour installation services are available for an additional $39.95. Using a box in the mail service provided by DHL, Fastmac will pickup your iPod, install the battery and provide a light clean up before shipping back to you, all within 24 hours.


  • Up to 78% More Capacity
  • Patented TruePower Technology to Prolong Battery Life
  • Instructions and Videos Included
  • 1Year Warranty


  • What is TruePower? Click here

iPod I.D.

  • How to identify your iPod, click here

Sending In Your iPod

  • How to send in your iPod, click here

Install Videos


"a bargain to prolong the life of a working iPod for another 12 months or more, especially as the battery comes with a 2 year warranty, read more"

System Requirements

  • iPod Gen 1
  • iPod Gen 2
  • iPod Gen 3
  • iPod Gen 4
  • iPod Photo
  • iPod Mini
  • iPod Video
  • iPod Nano
  • iPod Shuffle
  • iPod Classic