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FastMac Announces "U-Charge" Universal Battery Charger for Apple Laptops; Compact & Light-Weight External Charger Can Recharge Batteries from Multiple Apple Laptops including iBooks, MacBooks & PowerBooks

May 14, 2008

Salinas, CA - FastMac today announced "U-Charge," a universal battery charger for multiple Apple laptops including iBooks, MacBooks & PowerBooks. The new U-Charge works externally & connects directly to the battery's terminals to recharge the battery quickly and efficiently, without the need for a laptop. Batteries from multiple Apple laptops can be recharged using this single, compact, lightweight and portable charger. FastMac's U-Charge is scheduled to ship within 30 days and can be pre-ordered from for a special introductory price of $69.95. Each U-Charge carries a 1-year warranty and a 30-day money back guarantee .

"U-Charge simplifies the battery charging process for those who have more than 1 battery or more than 1 type of Apple laptop," said Michael Lowdermilk, Business Development Manager of Fastmac Performance Upgrades, Inc. "This may very well be the last battery charger you will ever buy."


FastMac's U-Charge is a 45W external battery charger that connects directly to the battery's terminals to recharge batteries quickly and efficiently, in some cases faster than Apple's AC adapters. Unlike other external battery chargers that are powered by higher wattage AC adapters, the energy efficient U-Charge supplies exactly the power needed to charge only the battery, bypassing the need to power the laptop. Its main housing features battery indicator charge LEDs that mirror Apple's own battery charge indicators- with one glance, you can quickly determine the charge status & battery level. Like all of FastMac's TruePower products, each U-Charge is individually tested and includes safety features to protect against overcharge, overheating, short circuits and power surges. Weighing in at less than 6 ounces and with dimensions that match those of the Apple AC adapter, FastMac's U-Charge is the 1st external battery charger that can truly be called a portable battery charger.


FastMac's U-Charge Universal Battery Charger is compatible with the following Apple laptop computers:

iBook G3 12-inch
iBook G4 12-inch
MacBook 13-inch
MacBook Pro 15-inch
MacBook Pro 17-inch
PowerBook G3 Bronze (Lombard)
PowerBook G3 Pismo
PowerBook G4 12-inch
PowerBook G4 15-inch
PowerBook G4 17-inch

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