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FastMac Announces 3 T-shirt Designs To Commemorate 25 Years of Macintosh; Limited Edition Designs On Sale for $5.25

January 24, 2009

Salinas, CA - FastMac today announced 3 new T-shirt designs to commemorate the 25th Anniversary of the 1st Macintosh computer. The T-shirts use a “word cloud” format to list every Mac ever made since its 1984 introduction. The word clouds are pulled together in various shapes to form iconic images including the classic shape of the original Mac. One of the 3 new designs also pays homage to Apple’s famous 1984 SuperBowl commercial. The T-shirts are available now & can be ordered from for a special (limit 1 per customer, while supplies last) introductory price of $5.25 .


FastMac's 25th Anniversary Mac Commemorative T-shirts are available in 3 limited edition designs, including 2 designs that use a word cloud format to list every Mac ever made: “Classic” (which uses a word cloud shaped in the form of the 1st Mac when viewed at a distance), “25 Years of Mac” (also in the word cloud format) and “1984” (which pays homage to Apple’s famous 1984 SuperBowl commercial). The shirt designs can be viewed at


Fastmac’s 25th Anniversary Mac Commemorative T-shirts are 100% compatible with every Mac ever made.

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FastMac is a premier Apple developer, designer and manufacturer of innovative upgrade products that add value and extend usability of Macintosh computers, iPods & iPhones. FastMac’s award-winning product line-up consists of batteries, optical drives, CPUs, LCDs and wireless products, including the world’s longest lasting MacBook, MacBook Pro, PowerBook, iPhone & iPod batteries.

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