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Get Lost in the Shuffle. So Many Accessory options, you won't know where to begin. U-Connect universal ipod shuffle dock adapter. Connect your shuffle to 100's of iPod dock accessories. Charge and/or transfer data with one easy toggle switch. Compact, light-weight and very pocketable

The Universe in Your Hands

At last, all those iPod dock and speaker accessories made for the big boys can be used with the shuffle! FastMac’s "U-Connect" universal iPod shuffle adapter enables you to connect your shuffle to virtually any Apple iPod dock accessory. In addition to musical freedom, you can also charge your shuffle and perform data transfer to make life that much easier. Connect yourself today.

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  • Connect Your Shuffle to 100's of iPod Dock Accessories
  • Charge and/or Transfer Data with One Easy Toggle Switch
  • Compact, Light-Weight and Absolutely Pocketable