FastMac - Performance Upgrades

Up to 8x DVD±RW, dual and double layer support, 100% compatible with Mac OS 9 & OS X, bootable, plug and play drive, iLife-ready. Now for MacBook and MacBook Pro

A Drive You'll Actually Use

Research shows the faster your drive can write, the more you'll use it. Problem is, most SuperDrives out there are too slow. Who wants to wait 20, 30 even 60 minutes for a disk to burn? But with FastMac's ultra-sleek 8x Dual-Layer Slimline Drive, you can burn a DVD at your desk, in your car, at the coffee shop in a little over seven minutes. Faster than it'll take to enjoy your Tall Non-Fat Mocha Latte.

Take It For A Spin

Whether your laptop has a Combo Drive, a slow DVD Burner, or simply a broken drive, you'll love our line of fast, fully compatible Dual-Layer DVD burners. So, get out of the slow lane and get yourself a SuperDrive that lives up to its name. You'll be amazed at how much more you'll use it.


  • Dual Layer DVD support (4x)
  • Faster DVD-RW (6x), DVD+RW (8x)
  • Dual Layer DVD+R (4x)
  • Up To 2x Faster than Apple's Top of the line SuperDrive slimlines
  • 100% Compatible with Mac OS 9 & OS X
  • Bootable Plug & Play Design, iLife Ready
  • 1 Year Warranty

Super Drive

Burning a 4.4 GB DVD
(Shorter = Better)

System Requirements

  • PowerBook G3 (Pismo/Lombard)
  • PowerBook G4 Titanium / Aluminum (all models)
  • iBook G4 (all models)
  • Mac mini Intel
  • iMac G5 / Intel
  • Mac OS 9.2 or Mac OS X